Name Date of Appoint. Term of Appoint. Resignation (if applicable) Type of Appoint. Business Interests 2020/21 Attendance 2019/20 Pecuniary Interests Declared 2019/20
Name of Organisation Nature of Relationship Date From
Sarah Davies 01/09/2019 4 years   Trust: Chair Northern Power Women / Power Circle Member Jan 2017 3/3 None
Paul Garai 01/09/2019 4 years   Trust None N/A N/A 3/3 None
Reverend Rodney Bevan 01/09/2019 4 years   Trust St Anne’s Primary School Governor Sep 2003 1/3 None
The White Horse Project Trustee 2009
The Magdalene Project Trustee 2007
Keith Pilkington 01/09/2019 4 years 01/07/2020 Trust Rossendale Leisure Trust Director 2011 2/2** None
Nicola Daniels-Green 01/09/2019 4 years   Trust None N/A N/A 3/3 None
Jake Berry MP 01/09/2019 4 years   Trust Houses of Parliament Member May 2010 1/3 None
Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Govt Government Minister Jun 2017
Natalie Rimmington 09/10/2019 4 years   Trust TBC TBC TBC 2/2* None
Alyson Middlemass 04/09/2019 Term of Employment 31/12/2019 Staff: Principal None N/A N/A 2/2** None
Kieran Larkin 01/01/2020 Term of Employment 31/08/2020 Staff: Interim Executive Principal None N/A N/A 1/1* None
Andrew O’Brien 01/09/2020 Term of Employment   Staff: Principal None N/A N/A N/A N/A

The Spring 2020 Local Governing Body meeting was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

*appointed/elected during the 2019/20 academic year. 

**resigned/end of office during the 2019/20 academic year.