The Valley Leadership Academy is celebrating the hard work and commitment of its Year 11 pupils as they receive their GCSE results.

This year’s results day was a little different to previous years but, despite recent uncertainty, pupils at the school found a great deal to celebrate.

The school’s Head Girl, Lizzie Mawson, secured grades 7 and 8 in many subjects including English Literature, Mathematics and Spanish after what her teachers described as “five years of total commitment and dedication to her studies and school life”. The pupil was praised for being an outstanding role model and ambassador for the school and community.

Head Boy and avid historian, Kalumn Ridgway, who has represented the school at key historical memorials both in the UK and abroad, also achieved an outstanding set of GCSE results, including a well-deserved grade 8 in history.

Talented artist Theola Whittaker obtained eight strong GCSE results including a well-deserved grade 7 in Art. Teachers praised Theola for her fantastic attitude to learning throughout her five years at the school.

Maiya Talbot displayed her talents in Maths and Science, securing impressive GCSE grades. Teachers told how Maiya had grown in confidence and ambition since starting at the school. Earlier this year, Maiya was the first ever recipient of the school’s Stellar Award. The award will be given annually to one pupil and one staff member who always gives their best, goes above and beyond, and who seeks no recognition or reward for what they do. Maiya is a committed and diligent pupil who is a role model to her peers.

Keen scientist Amy Evans achieved strong passes in triple science. Amy’s positive results will enable her to continue her post-16 studies in her beloved science Burnley College.

Kieran Larkin, Executive Principal at the school, said he was ‘incredibly proud’ of the schools’ pupils He said:

“I have felt extremely privileged to be able to share in our pupils’ journeys this year, particularly so in this unique year. The sheer graft of many of our pupils and their ability to succeed in what have been challenging circumstances for many has made me incredibly proud. All the pupils turned out for their results which showed me how keen and committed they are to now get back into their studies following the challenging year they have faced. I would like to thank all our parents and teachers for working so hard to support our pupils through such extraordinary times.”